“America as a place of possibilities.”

With these words, President-Elect Biden unveiled a national security team that has been hailed by Democrats, independents, and Republicans. All professionals, with deep, substantive experience and perspective, they will serve our country and our shared world well. We are pleased that UN Ambassador nominee Linda Thomas-Greenfield will serve as a full member of the Cabinet-level appointment and that the team includes former Secretary John Kerry as a presidential envoy to combat climate change. We appreciate his remark, “Here on Earth, God’s work must truly be our own. President Joe Biden will trust in God. And he will also trust in science to guide our work on Earth to protect God’s creation.”

We are delighted that Secretary of State nominee Antony Blinken and Secretary of Homeland Security nominee Alejandro Mayorkas are committed to returning to our values and American ideals, particularly in how we behave toward migrants and refugees. Jake Sullivan and Avril Haines are likewise committed, values-driven, well-regarded professionals who will serve us well.

This team is diverse, talented, and ready to restore our alliances, engage with the nations of the world, and tackle the challenges we face. We regret that the departing administration delayed the transition process by two weeks. We therefore hope that Senate Republicans give these nominees a prompt hearing and a quick confirmation process so the duly-elected administration can get to work.

Joe Biden values our values and America is back.

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Quote from former Secretary John Kerry with dusk background.

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