“Expand Possibilities for Every American Family”

“Help is on the way.”

On Tuesday, President-Elect Biden announced an experienced, tested team that will head up domestic policy in the new administration. We are pleased by the high quality of these appointments: women and men who will make sure that families and individuals can have the “hand up” we need as we recover from one of the most unequal economic crises of the past century.

Budgets are moral documents, reflecting the priorities and values of our nation. Our country has left far too many people behind, not just this past year but for the past several decades. As scripture reminds us, “the laborer is worthy of [their] hire” and we must not “oppress the hireling in [their] wages.” We need to reward work, instead of rewarding wealth for wealth’s sake as was done in the 2017 tax overhaul.

We are therefore particularly encouraged by the nomination of Neera Tanden to direct the Office of Management and Budget. Ms. Tanden has been a fierce fighter for American families for decades, channeling early experiences watching her mother struggle into a lifetime of dedication. She knows that we and our families do better when we all have access to healthcare, to education, to food and housing, to jobs that work, to opportunities to be entrepreneurs and start businesses, and to clean air and water. We are excited about the work that Ms. Tanden will do, as she put it, “to expand possibilities for every American family.”

As President-Elect Biden concluded yesterday, “This team will always be there for you and your families. This is a family-oriented team. We got to make sure ordinary people get the chance to do well. Because when given the chance, they’ve never, ever, ever let the country down.”

It is time to invest in the American people. We call on the United States Senate to give all of these nominees a prompt hearing.

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Image: Joe Biden speaking, with Kamala Harris standing alongside of him.

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